April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on 04/01/2021
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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Here's What You Need to Know

Oral cancer may not be as talked about as breast cancer, lung cancer, or skin cancer, but that has nothing to do with how deadly it is. Oral and Neck Cancer collectively kills one person every hour, every day of the year, making it more than just obscure cancer that doesn't affect people's lives. What's more is that oral cancer has a very high mortality rate, with 40% of those diagnosed living no more than 5 years after the diagnosis. All of this is to say that oral cancer is a serious problem and one that can be aided by awareness and catching it early. That is why we at Federici Dental are doing our part to spread the word that this month, April, is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Find out just what that means, how to prevent oral cancer, and why oral cancer deserves to be talked about more.

Oral Cancer Prevention

Oral cancer, like most other cancers, becomes dangerous when it has been left unattended for an extended period of time. When given the chance to metastasize, oral cancer can quickly spread to nearby vital organs including the lungs and brain. While you may think that it would be easy to spot oral cancer due to its frontal location in the mouth, it can hide in pillowy cheek muscles and in places that are difficult to notice without a professional eye. Getting screened for oral cancer regularly at our office is the best way for you to prevent oral cancer and to reduce the number of lives that oral cancer takes every day. Another important method of preventing oral cancer is maintaining good oral hygiene. We know that decay and damage to the mouth can increase rates of oral cancer, so make sure you are brushing and flossing at least twice a day!

Visit Us At Federici Dental

Here at Federici Dental, we look after the holistic wellbeing of our patient's teeth, which means not only fighting cavities and preventing decay but also taking preventative measures to avoid dangerous diseases such as oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are available at our dentistry in Manahawkin, NJ, and we recommend that you get screened every time you visit the dentist, which should be at least twice a year. Contact us at Federici Dental to learn more about Oral Cancer Awareness Month or to schedule a screening today!