Does Sleep Apnea Ever Go Away?

Does Sleep Apnea Ever Go Away?
Posted on 07/16/2021

If you or a loved one are being kept awake at night by loud snoring or trouble breathing, sleep apnea may be the culprit—but what should you do to stop the problem? And will it ever go away by itself? Here at Federici Dental, your local dentist in Manahawkin, New Jersey, we specialize in dental care as well as sleep apnea treatment, so you can take care of all of your oral health needs in one stop! Find out below what sleep apnea experts have to say about how to take care of sleep apnea for good.

Will It Fade?

If you are wondering “where can I find a sleep apnea dentist near me?” look no further! Our doctors at Federici Dental specialize in dentistry as well as sleep apnea, giving our local dentist office a range of available treatments. When it comes to sleep apnea, several treatments can help alleviate the problem, but does it ever just go away by itself? Our doctors recommend that you don’t wait around to find out—because it isn’t worth the risk. When left untreated, obstructive and nonobstructive sleep apnea can lead to health concerns including:

  • Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss
  • Reduced Oxygen Intake
  • Heart and Brain Damage in Severe Cases

What You Can Do To Treat Sleep Apnea

The good news is that you don’t have to live with untreated sleep apnea! Our doctors at Federici Dental, your local dentist in Manahawkin, are proud to offer a comprehensive array of sleep apnea solutions including Oral Appliance Therapy, CPAP machines, as well as Nerve Stimulation Therapy. Find out more about each option and take the next step towards a good night's sleep!

“The Best Sleep Apnea Dentist Near Me!”

Whether you are suffering from symptoms of sleep apnea, or if you are simply looking for high-quality dental care in Manahawkin, Federici Dental is here to help! Our team of medical professionals will walk you through our available treatments and help you pick a sleep apnea solution that meets your symptoms and preferences. Contact Federici Dental, your local dentist and sleep apnea expert, today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!