Hybrid Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures

Hybrid Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures
Posted on 10/18/2017
Hybrid Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures

Hybrid Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures

For our patients with multiple missing, cracked, or decayed teeth, dentures can offer an attractive option to repair and restore your teeth to achieve a beautiful smile. Traditionally, removable dentures were the best option, and offered a potential long-term solution for individuals. However, with new advances in technology and dental implants, a variety of options are now available.

At Federici Dental, we're proud to offer both removable and hybrid dentures to patients in Manahawkin,Stafford Township and Long Beach Island. Dr. Joe and Dr. Dave Federici have unmatched experience and expertise in providing hybrid dentures, making them a trusted provider for senior patients in the local community. Learn more about hybrid dentures, and our other treatment options, to discover which is right for you.

What's the Difference Between Hybrid & Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are what most people picture when they think of dentures: a complete set of teeth that fits over the gums and is held in place using an adhesive. They have been in use for decades, and they offer a simple, effective option for many patients.

Hybrid dentures take advantage of the power of dental implants to provide a new option for dentures. Instead of adhesive, hybrid dentures are held in place using a set of dental implants – usually 4 to 6 implants per dental arch. This means that instead of adhesive, hybrid dentures are held and supported directly by dental implants fused to the jawbone. Furthermore, hybrid dentures can be made either as removable or fixed (permanent) dentures.

Who's a Good Candidate for Hybrid Dentures?

Most people make great candidates for hybrid dentures, but it is necessary to have enough jawbone structure to support the implants. Dr. Dave will perform a thorough evaluation of your jaw and bone structure during your evaluation, then talk with you about whether or not hybrid dentures are right for you. One advantage, however, is that hybrid dentures will prevent the continual bone loss that occurs with traditional dentures. Because traditional dentures are placed on the gums, they transfer bite force down onto the jawbone, which can cause bone loss over time. Implants fuse with the jawbone, distributing bite force evenly throughout the jaw. For this reason, while some patients may not be eligible for hybrid dentures, they're often recommended even for patients who've already experienced bone loss.

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Both hybrid and removable dentures make excellent options for tooth replacement, and Dr. Dave and our treatment team would be thrilled to help you make the right decision. Contact us today or schedule a consultation appointment to take the next step towards a beautiful, complete smile. We look forward to helping you achieve a new smile that lasts a lifetime!