Response: Bus Passengers Plead With Driver To Sleep

Posted on 04/30/2018
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At Federici Dental, we're proud to be one of the few dental practices in Southeast New Jersey that specialize in sleep apnea consultations, diagnosis, and treatment. Whenever relevant news arises regarding sleep depravation, we want to bring it to our potential and current patient's attention, so that they are encouraged to schedule a consultation with us.

During this recent event, during a 20-plus hour bus ride between Phoenix and Dallas, passengers noticed the bus was swaying more than usual. That's because the driver was tired, and was not operating at the a safe level for anyone aboard. You can find out more about this story here: Watch terrified Greyhound passengers plead with their bus driver to pull over and sleep.

Response from Dr. Dave

"People trust that whomever is transporting them whether it be bus, train, airplane, or automobile, are taking their alertness serious.  Besides drug and alcohol issues, Obstructive Sleep Apnea is just, if not, more serious of an issue.  Bus and truck lines, airlines, train operators and others will be formally tested for this life threatening condition in the near future."

-Dr. David E. Federici, DMD

Driver fatigue will always be a serious issue, so if you'd like more information on how to deal with this situation, we encourage you to do your research!

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