Summer Foods That Won't Affect Your New Dentures

Posted on 09/05/2018
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Dentures are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they allow you to eat, talk and smile almost as well as you did when you had all of your natural teeth. On the other hand, however, they come with several limitations and restrictions, many of which may involve your favorite foods. If you're a denture patient in Macon, GA, you may want to know what you can do to preserve the integrity of your new teeth and maintain a comfortable smile. At Federici Dental, we provide our denture patients with a list of foods they can and should not eat with their new teeth.

Foods You Can Enjoy

Popcorn. Stick candy. Nuts. Bread with seeds. Raw fruits and vegetables. Steaks. These are all foods that you've likely treated yourself to over the years. Unfortunately, they are also foods that you can no longer eat. Don't despair though - there are alternatives that are just as flavorful but far less harmful to your dentures. Below is a list of alternatives for all the savory foods you can no longer eat:

  • Instead of popcorn, try air-puffed veggie crisps.
  • Instead of sticky candy, try sugar-free gum.
  • Instead of nuts, give pitted olives a taste test.
  • Instead of breads or crackers with seeds on them, look for baked goods that have the grains baked in.
  • You don't have to forego your steak—rather, you just have to cut up the pieces into smaller and more manageable pieces.
  • Get the health benefits of raw fruits and veggies the safe way, by blending them up into a smoothie.
  • Ditch the peanut butter and opt instead of healthier and less sticky hummus.

These dietary changes are not only great for your new teeth, but also, they're great for your health. Talk to our cosmetic dentist about other changes that may be right for you.

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