The Expected Growth of Dental Implants

The Expected Growth of Dental Implants
Posted on 01/29/2018
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Having a smile with missing teeth is like having a puzzle without some of the pieces missing, leaving you feeling incomplete. However, thanks to the continued advancements in modern dental technology, those teeth can be restored with a dental implant, a lifelike tooth replacement that looks and feels like your natural tooth. At Federici Dental, we’re one of the most experienced providers of dental implants, with unmatched experience and expertise in hybrid dentures, traditional dental implants and more. We’ve seen an influx in patients asking about this restorative dentistry treatment, and want to explain why dental implants are seeing a huge boost in popularity.

Reasons Why Dental Implants are Becoming More Common

Implants Are More Effective

One of the biggest reasons that dental implants are the new, big thing in restorative dentistry is that they are just downright better than other tooth restoration methods or making them more effective. In the past, a patient that was missing a tooth required a dental bridge, which used the support of the teeth on either side of the gap, and required those teeth to be worn down to fit the crown even if they were healthy. Now, a single dental implant can be connected to the jawbone for a secure, comfortable tooth replacement without compromising surrounding teeth. 

As for enhancing other treatments, traditional removable dentures had been a go-to method for replacing full rows of teeth. Unfortunately, over time those dentures will slip out of place as the jawbone wears away due to the lack of a supporting connection to teeth. Now, we can use dental several dental implants to not only create a more stable base for the denture, but also establish a connection to the jawbone that will help prevent bone deterioration. 

The Generational Timeline

Your teeth with naturally start to wear down with age, making the need for tooth replacement more common among the older generation. It just so happens that at this point in time, the baby boomer generation is starting to hit the prime age where they have started needing tooth replacements, and dental implants offer them the solution that they’re looking for. 

More People Value Oral Health

In recent years, there has been a growing focus on personal health, evident in trends like going gluten-free, the growth of exercise culture, and the rapid decline of unhealthy habits like smoking. Among these healthy trends, people have become more conscious of the importance of dental health and its connection to the health of the whole body. As a result, more people are seeking out professional dental treatment, from general cleanings to tooth replacements like dental implants. 

The Desire For Self Confidence

On the topic of one’s personal image, people have taken a leap in a positive direction with the growth of trends in self-acceptance and self-love, with more awareness on the benefits and importance of having self-confidence. Then jumping over to the world of dentistry, studies have shown that having a healthy, beautiful smile gives patients a boost in self-confidence, no longer having to hide their smiles from embarrassment and having achieved a goal that they can be proud of. For those missing teeth, that means seeking out restorative dental treatment such as dental implants. 

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