Why It's Important to Go to the Dentist Every 6 Months

Posted on 02/28/2020
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Why Important to Go to the Dentist Every 6 MonthsAt Federici Dental, our mission is to help patients throughout Manahawkin, NJ and the surrounding areas achieve beautiful, healthy smiles and maintain them for a lifetime. While we're proud to offer a variety of treatments to improve the smile and treat dental conditions, the most important part of maintaining a healthy smile is maintaining regular oral hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing are the cornerstones of that oral hygiene regimen, but it's also critical to visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up appointment.

Why Do I Have to See the Dentist Every Year?

Seeing your dentist twice a year for a check-up and teeth cleaning appointment is an important part of keeping your smile bright and beautiful. But why are these appointments necessary in the first place?

On one level, your dental check-ups are a chance for your Manahawkin dentist to monitor your dental health and identify any problems that may be starting to develop. Your dental examination allows your dentist to spot cavities, gum disease, or other dental problems early on in the process, before they develop into something more severe. This allows us to nip problems in the bud and start treatment before things get serious.

Your dental check-up also has a preventive function in the form of an in-office teeth cleaning. During a teeth cleaning, one of our dental hygienists will use specialized tools to thoroughly clean your teeth of any bacteria or plaque deposits that have formed on them. While brushing and flossing help prevent plaque from forming and reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth, the only way to truly eliminate plaque is through a professional teeth cleaning. This teeth cleaning is like hitting the reset button on plaque buildup, helping to prevent cavities from forming in your mouth.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Manahawkin Dentist

Dental check-up appointments are a critical part of maintaining a healthy smile, and if it's time to schedule your next check-up, we'd be happy to help: just use our easy online form to request your next appointment. We can't wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping you maintain your healthy, beautiful smile!