Why We Choose Dental Implants Over Bridges

Why We Choose Dental Implants Over Bridges
Posted on 02/25/2022

Patients who are missing teeth often struggle with confidence and self-image, and can sometimes experience adverse health effects such as speech impediment, difficulty chewing, and pain. In severe cases where multiple teeth in a row are missing, the tissues and bone in that area can start to degrade. At Federici Dental we are recommending one treatment more than any other to our patients in Manahawkin, NJ, and that is dental implants. Here are 5 reasons why we choose dental implants over bridges to replace missing teeth.

1) Dental Implants are Extremely Durable

Just like healthy natural teeth, dental implants are rooted in the jaw. Unlike dental bridges, which depend on teeth on either side of the gap for support, a dental implant has a vertically supportive structure that gives it greater chewing force and durability.

2) Stimulate the Jaw and Gum Tissue

When a tooth, or especially multiple teeth, is missing, the bone and gum tissue that is used to support them are no longer being stimulated and begin to collapse and deteriorate. This bone loss causes premature aging of the face and other problems. Dental implants stimulate the jaw and gums like real teeth and prevent deterioration.

3) Provide Permanent Support

Unlike a dental bridge which lasts 5 to 7 years, the metal implant part of a dental implant can last a lifetime. The realistic crown on top of the implant may experience some wear and tear over time, requiring replacement every 10 to 15 years, but saving time and money in the long run.

4) Prevent Gum Disease

Any empty gum socket, even those underneath a dental bridge, is a potential trap for bacteria and a breeding ground for infection. Dental implants fill these gaps, effectively preventing gum disease.

5) Preserve and Support Surrounding Teeth

When a dental bridge is placed, the teeth on either side must be filed down to accommodate the dental crowns that will support the bridge. Dental implants bypass the need for this destruction of healthy enamel because they are self-supporting. Additionally, since dental implants prevent bone loss, they also prevent the surrounding teeth from eventually becoming compromised and falling out.

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