Teeth in a Day

If your teeth have suffered physical trauma or are experiencing severe decay, tooth extraction may be your only option to keep infections from spreading to your gum and jaw. But getting multiple teeth extracted doesn't mean that you have to walk around with big gaps in your smile introducing Teeth In A Day, the implant denture treatment that can give you a fresh smile the same day you get your old teeth taken out. Find out how Federici Dental, your local dentist in Manahawkin, NJ, can outfit your mouth with a sparkling smile while getting rid of decayed or damaged teeth!

New Teeth, No Problem


Actual Federici Dental Patient

If you are wondering "Where can I find dental implants near me?" look no further. Federici Dental is the best local dentist in Manahawkin offering a comprehensive array of dental implant treatments. If you are getting multiple teeth extracted or if your teeth are suffering from severe decay, teeth in a day may be the best treatment option for you. Here are just a few of the benefits of Teeth in a day:

  • By anchoring to multiple implants or existing teeth, Teeth in a Day fashions a complete smile that is strongly secured to your existing teeth
  • As opposed to rushing the permanent implants, Teeth in a Day uses temporary teeth until your real implants are ready, allowing you to be proud of your smile as soon as your extractions are done
  • Increases confidence and reduces anxiety about losing a tooth or multiple teeth in your smile!
  • Shortens treatment time by 4 to 6 months

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If you have asked yourself "Which dentist offers the best dental implants near me?" your search is over. Federici Dental offers top-tier care with one of the premier dentists in New Jersey, Joseph R. Federici DMD, all at a reasonable price. If you are still unsure about whether Teeth in a Day is the right treatment for you, the easiest thing you can do is stop by our office for a free consultation. Our skilled doctors and friendly staff will walk you through your treatment options and help you decide which is best for your teeth and your budget. Contact Federici Dental in Manahawkin, NJ today to learn more about Teeth in a Day or to schedule an appointment!